Red Granite Slab

Red Granite Slab

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G562 Granite Slabs,Maple-Leaf Red Granite Big and Gangsaw Slabs

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China G611 Granite Slabs,Pink Almond Mauve and Big Slabs

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China G687 Peach Red Granite Slabs Gangsaw Slabs Supplier

Introduction of Peach Red G687 Granite Slabs and Big Slabs Name: Peach Red G687 G


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G682 Granite Slabs,yellow Gold

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G562 Granite Slabs,Maple-Leaf R

Buy the beautiful and cheap G562 granite slabs, related name is Maple-Leaf Red Granite Slabs, gangsaw slabs, big slabs.

Red Granite Slab

China Red granite slabs are well known for it's stain resistance and ability to polish to an even high sheen. These premium red slabs are frost resistant and available in many different thicknesses and textures.

The main colour of China red granite slabs are pink and dark red like pink G687 and G684, such kind of stone is comparative cheap and popular in middle-east. Tianshan red(G562), maple red, G611,  Yong Ding Red, G696 are dark red granite slabs.

China red granite is used for indoor and outdoor high-grade adornment usually.

Red granite slabs and tiles are brightly colored, its arabesquitic looks even and clear. According to the structure, the red granite can be classified into fine grit, medium grit and coarse grit. After polishing, the surface can be as shining as mirror. The strong texture is a good match for royal noble decoration. Fine grit slabs give out a style of classically elegance and no clear color difference on large area. The feature enable red granite be widely used for the decoration of exterior wall, floor and washingroom in high grade office buildings, grand hotels and houses.

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